Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Circle of Life

Mum with three girl and three boys.
The circle of life has completed with the hatching of the first of our goslings. One of our pilgrim geese has successfully hatched all six eggs that she was sitting on. We were a little concerned for the safety of the baby goslings with all the adult geese crowding about so we put a pen around the nest to provide some protection - we needn’t have bothered. The day old goslings promptly got out with the rest of the geese and when we tried to catch them to put them back with mum, the whole flock instantly came to their defence with a united display of aggression while keeping the new goslings safely hidden behind a shield of wings. No way is anything going to get too close to those goslings if they can help it.

Dad gives a warning hiss- Stay away from my family!


  1. Amazing how fierce birds can be. We learnt the hard way not to mess wtih our guinea fowl when they had chicks!

  2. love your stories about the geese...I had a bit of a cry for the one trying to be a mummy!!...xx