Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rayburn Royal and Supreme.

As a small sideline I have approached a number of suppliers in the UK to provide a number of reconditioned Rayburn Royals and a Rayburn Supreme. A reconditioned Rayburn is a very different proposition from a second-hand item. The old stove is completely dismantled and all damaged parts are discarded. The cast iron parts are sand blasted and re-enamelled in a Vitreous Enamel, new steel panels are fitted and the internal structures such as the ovens are sand blasted or replaced. New parts such as boilers, handles, hobs and temperature gauges are then assembled to create a stove of the highest quality. It is difficult to appreciate the standard of finish achieved without seeing the finished item.

All new chrome, new hotplate.
Stainless steel ash box, new ovens and trays and fire bricks.

All finished in vitreous enamel

 As I get older I find I am a little more risk adverse but I have had sufficient feedback to convince me that it is viable to import a bulk order of reconditioned Rayburn stoves for resale. Many people are attracted to the standard of finish and price but find the prospect of arranging their own importation and waiting four or five months a little daunting. A single bulk order will also significantly reduce the shipping and handling costs.

I have a vague plan, set up a small business from the farm, add a website, see how it goes. I don’t expect to ever sell enough to have a anything other than a part time business but it all helps to contribute to the farm.
Watch this space for developments.


  1. Hi there, I/we are VERY interested in the idea of importing a Rayburn! Count us in at the planning stage! Howdo we "talk turkey"?
    BTW, looove your blog! For a Qlder, you've adapted well to the state!
    Cheers, June

    1. Hi Guys. Will be happy to supply one if and when it all gets together. This is John's baby so don't know what he's got planned as yet. Cheers Michelle.

  2. Jeanette dreams of owning another cooking type wood stove. If / when we move to Tassie, the kitchen has to accommodate such a beast. ($5000?)

    1. Hi Roger. Jeanette has the right idea. Yep they are great to cook in and on and good to help heat up the house and ease those power bills too. Hope you guys can move down some day soon. Cheers Michelle.

  3. Oh Brilliant! I was researching how to bring in a new one - but reconditioned would be even cheaper. Can't wait to hear about it.

    Now to find a house to live in .....

  4. Hi. Did you progress the Rayburn reconditioned cooker import idea? Which models are the "supreme" etc (numbers?) We live in NSW and could we get our from the Botany Bay docks or is it planned to send them all to Tasmania??? Please let me know idea of costs and whether you want to go this way as soon as you can. I don't mind waiting 3-4 months but need to know if this is a viable pathway!
    Love your photos by the way. Such a beautiful part of the world. Can you reply to my email or can you let me know how to contact you?

  5. Hi! Any progress on the imports?

  6. I might be moving in the next 12 months and I'll have to leave my beloved Rayburn behind :-(

    I would definitely be interested in an imported reconditioned model, solid fuel, with boiler for hot water. I've just installed a heated towel rail that runs off the water heating loop and it's brilliant. During winter the stove is on 24x7 and the hot water system would boil - not anymore! The thermostat turns on the pump when the water gets to temperature (about 65-70 degrees) and now the towels are dry in no time and the bathroom doesn't have that "damp" feel. Contact Cheers, Bernie

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